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diva is more than a fashion jewellery retailer; it is a brand that takes the leading edge in fashion, vitality and innovation. We are a vibrant and always-expanding company and we pride ourselves on making the best and hottest fashion jewellery available to all our customers in Russia, Australia, USA, New Zealand, China, UK, Poland and many other countries worldwide. At diva we not only draw our inspiration from the latest catwalk looks and trends from London, New York, Paris and Tokyo, but we also add our diva style to this inspiration that sets us a mile ahead of our competitors. diva designers keep in touch with the real world and travel extensively in a constant quest to find the latest looks to suit our market.

History of diva

diva exploded onto the Australian fashion scene by offering its customers up to the minute jewellery at affordable price-without compromising on quality or style. diva proudly opened the doors of its first store in April 2003 in Sydney.

After a very successful opening in Australia, diva launched a global roll-out to the Asian, African and American continents.

The first store in Russia was opened in 2006 in Moscow (Golden Babylon). Now diva has more than 200 stores all over Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Latvia and Poland and plans to open 500 stores by the end of 2013.

In June 2010 diva opens its first store in Poland.

diva is affiliated with BB Retail Capital (Australia), which is one of the leading retail companies in the world.

diva is a brand originating from DCK Concessions (UK) - one of the latest jewellery retailers in the world – who produces jewellery exclusively for high street brands such as TOPSHOP, TOPMAN, British House, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins.

With over 3,000 stores across 27 countries from Russia to the UK and Australia, diva can be found worldwide and selling over 50 million pieces a year! That is massive!

The vision forward

The only way is up for our ever and rapidly expanding company! And so we have our sights firmly set on international expansion. diva is now rolling out stores in America, Germany, the UK, Israel, South Africa… to name just a few. diva has recently partnered with existing retailers throughout Asia to open stores in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.

Let’s just say diva’s long goal is fashion jewellery for every girl (and guy) the world over. We are on our way - that is for sure!

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